Spanish Language Translation

To translate is to reproduce in another language not merely the words in a text but also the meaning and purpose intended by the author. We are professionals who pride ourselves in meeting our clients needs in the most reliable, accurate and effective way possible. Your translation requirements are our passion.

The translation process

From the moment that we receive your project we follow a set of steps to guarantee a successful outcome.

  1. Gathering of information and setting delivery times. The document is only one of the tools that we will need from you. Background information, brochures, glossaries, etc will assist us to acquire a better understanding of the task in hand. Sometimes a few questions from the translator will suffice. The delivery time is decided at this stage and will take into account both the urgency of the assignment and the level of difficulty of the text.
  2. Contact person. It is very important to have a link with you in case queries arise from time to time. We prefer checking thoroughly to guessing.
  3. Resources. We take research very seriously and possess a very wide collection of resources -both physical (dictionaries, periodicals, manuals, etc.) and electronic, as well as CAT tools and Machine Translation software (when a high level of repetition is involved) - not forgetting the most valuable tool of all: the experts (our colleagues from ITI, ATA, NWTN and ASETRAD are always willing to share their valuable expertise).
  4. Initial review. Once the document has been translated by one of our qualified professionals, it is verified for consistency, register, grammatical accuracy, etc.
  5. Country relevant review. A professional translator from the country relevant to the translation will check the documents for any regional discrepancies.
  6. Approval and delivery. We promise to deliver in time or ahead of schedule (whenever possible) Quality is paramount.You should expect the best result possible at the right time.